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Struck with late stages Hodgkins Lymphoma, Joshua David wrote a double album to inspire. After the initial realisation, he decided to fight the disease and created a Vlog of the journey. Many have found his perspective and fighting-spirit inspiring for their own personal battles.

Since then he has received invites and played in the USA, supported Pete Murray, The Waifs, Diesel, Sheppard (hit song ‘Say Geronimo’) and San Cisco.

His music is described as full of skilful guitar licks, powerful vocals and catchy hooks. There are songs that will get you moving and songs where you can feel the raw, heartfelt lyrics in your stomach.

Cutting his teeth in Edinburgh, Scotland with street busking, street performance, small pubs and clubs – Joshua David developed himself as an artist. Even playing a principal role in Queen’s “We Will Rock You” musical on Edinburgh Fringe Festival.